[Samba] ACLs fail in 3.0.23d

Jan Engelhardt jengelh at linux01.gwdg.de
Tue Jan 30 10:44:18 GMT 2007

>One question: how does Samba find out, that ACLs are activated?

I suppose the only sane way is to try calling functions from libacl. If
they fail unreasonably, then the fs does not support ACLs.

>>> Whenever I try to read or modify ACLs from my Windows 2000 PDC, my Samba
>>> Domain Member Server (Security = ADS) does not allow setting ACLs, nor
>>> does it display the existing ACLs.
>> Does it at least enforce them?
>What does "enforce" mean?

chmod 600 file
setfacl -m u:otheruser:rwx file

should give otheruser write permissions on the file, even if Windows
does not get ACLs right (e.g. W98, which does not know ACLs at all).

>But I am missing something like --WITH-ACL:

smbd -b shows defines, not configure options.

ft: http://freshmeat.net/p/chaostables/

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