[Samba] NETBIOS (NetBT) Issues

Dennis Clark Dennis.Clark at patten.edu
Tue Jan 30 03:19:33 GMT 2007

Using Ubuntu 6.06.1, Samba 3.0.22, VMWare.
Cannot access shares using netbios name, but ip address works.  
>From a workstation command prompt (member of same domain as samba), used net view netbiosname and got system error 5, used net view ipaddress and got list of shares.  
Ran ethereal and attempted a session with the server using netbios name.  NBSS and SMB packets are being exchanged with the correct server so apparently it can resolve netbiosname to ipaddress.  Finally, i see a SMB packet with a STATUS_LOGON_FAILURE (0xc000006d) comming back from the ip of the netbiosname server.  Why is the login failing when I use netbiosname but not ipaddress when netbiosname is apparently resolved to the proper ip.
Need help tracking this down, thanks.

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