[Samba] Should samba be split between client & server

Gary Dale garydale at torfree.net
Mon Jan 29 22:15:15 GMT 2007

Jason Baker wrote:
>> Samba is basically  used in 2 different ways:
> It can also be used as a PDC without ADS involved at all, using 
> Windows XP clients. Highly recommended. IMHO I think SAMBA is more or 
> less designed as a replacement for a windows server. That is the 
> beauty of SAMBA, you can keep you Windows clients, and rid yourself of 
> the high overhead costs of running a Windows ADS. I think much of the 
> difficulty I am seeing on this board comes when someone tries to run 
> SAMBA as a client or domain member to a Windows ADS machine.
> Configuring SAMBA as a PDC (especially with LDAP and Roaming Profiles) 
> is definitely not for the faint of heart. It is very challenging, but 
> you will be well rewarded. There is ample documentation out there to 
> help you make it work.
> I am just wondering what issues we will all face with the coming of 
> Windows Vista. Once I start purchasing client machines with Vista 
> pre-installed, how will this impact making that new machine a member 
> of a SAMBA controlled domain?
> *Jason Baker
> */IT Coordinator/

Configuring Samba as a PDC with roaming profiles is a piece of cake - as 
is demonstrated by the fact that I can do it without having to ask for 
help. :)

The SWAT wizard does most of the heavy lifting - not that there is a 
lot. There are a couple of gotcha's to watch out for, like profile acls, 
but mainly it is pretty smooth.

I will agree however that moving to LDAP or getting into ADS is tougher.

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