[Samba] Should samba be split between client & server

Jason Baker jbaker at glastender.com
Mon Jan 29 22:06:06 GMT 2007

Well said.
I think that will be my stance as well. I will purchase a copy for 
testing, but as far as new workstations go, I will order them with XP Pro.
I like your thoughts on Codeweavers/WINE. We are very interested in 
getting some of our users off of a windows desktop all-together. I am 
already moving toward virtualizing some of our Win 2000 servers. I just 
installed a new SAMBA PDC that isn't even live yet. Once up and running 
I will migrate a couple win servers over to VMWare.
Let me know if you find any success with WINE.

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Aaron Kincer wrote:
> As an IT Manager, I personally have said we won't even begin _testing_ 
> Vista until it hits SP1. Upper management was very enthusiastic about 
> that approach. Perhaps your environment is different. It seems to me 
> that until you can determine how clients are going to mix with your 
> environment you should adopt a similar approach. You should be able to 
> continue to purchase computers without Vista for a while until you 
> fully determine the total impact it will have. Besides client-server 
> interaction, this would include all of your applications as well.
> I'm hoping we can bypass Vista completely and utilize a combination of 
> Codeweavers/WINE and virtualization technologies for Windows based 
> applications that don't get ported over the coming years.
> Jason Baker wrote:
>>> Samba is basically  used in 2 different ways:
>> It can also be used as a PDC without ADS involved at all, using 
>> Windows XP clients. Highly recommended. IMHO I think SAMBA is more or 
>> less designed as a replacement for a windows server. That is the 
>> beauty of SAMBA, you can keep you Windows clients, and rid yourself 
>> of the high overhead costs of running a Windows ADS. I think much of 
>> the difficulty I am seeing on this board comes when someone tries to 
>> run SAMBA as a client or domain member to a Windows ADS machine.
>> Configuring SAMBA as a PDC (especially with LDAP and Roaming 
>> Profiles) is definitely not for the faint of heart. It is very 
>> challenging, but you will be well rewarded. There is ample 
>> documentation out there to help you make it work.
>> I am just wondering what issues we will all face with the coming of 
>> Windows Vista. Once I start purchasing client machines with Vista 
>> pre-installed, how will this impact making that new machine a member 
>> of a SAMBA controlled domain?
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>> Andrew Watkins wrote:
>>> The more I use samba and the more I read the e-mail coming into this 
>>> list, I believe that a new look should be taken into how samba his 
>>> configured, since more and more people are having problems with 
>>> setup up of samba.
>>> Samba is basically  used in 2 different ways:
>>> "client") In a Windows ADS environment where you want to access 
>>> facilities on UNIX servers:
>>>     printers: - print to Unix printers.
>>>     File-system: - access to Unix files plus ACL.
>>> "server") In a Windows environment where you don't have (or don't 
>>> want) a windows ADS
>>>     Samba Domain Server - Samba replaces the Microsoft ADS
>>> I know you will say that it does all these things, but people are 
>>> having many problems setting it up (i.e. in a "client" mode you need 
>>> an ldap server if you want ACL to work) OR is it simply down to 
>>> documentation OR user error!
>>> Andrew
>>> PS.
>>> I have been using samba for years and I would not be able to live 
>>> with out!

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