[Samba] Should samba be split between client & server

Aaron Kincer kincera at gmail.com
Mon Jan 29 22:00:03 GMT 2007

As an IT Manager, I personally have said we won't even begin _testing_ 
Vista until it hits SP1. Upper management was very enthusiastic about 
that approach. Perhaps your environment is different. It seems to me 
that until you can determine how clients are going to mix with your 
environment you should adopt a similar approach. You should be able to 
continue to purchase computers without Vista for a while until you fully 
determine the total impact it will have. Besides client-server 
interaction, this would include all of your applications as well.

I'm hoping we can bypass Vista completely and utilize a combination of 
Codeweavers/WINE and virtualization technologies for Windows based 
applications that don't get ported over the coming years.

Jason Baker wrote:
>> Samba is basically  used in 2 different ways:
> It can also be used as a PDC without ADS involved at all, using 
> Windows XP clients. Highly recommended. IMHO I think SAMBA is more or 
> less designed as a replacement for a windows server. That is the 
> beauty of SAMBA, you can keep you Windows clients, and rid yourself of 
> the high overhead costs of running a Windows ADS. I think much of the 
> difficulty I am seeing on this board comes when someone tries to run 
> SAMBA as a client or domain member to a Windows ADS machine.
> Configuring SAMBA as a PDC (especially with LDAP and Roaming Profiles) 
> is definitely not for the faint of heart. It is very challenging, but 
> you will be well rewarded. There is ample documentation out there to 
> help you make it work.
> I am just wondering what issues we will all face with the coming of 
> Windows Vista. Once I start purchasing client machines with Vista 
> pre-installed, how will this impact making that new machine a member 
> of a SAMBA controlled domain?
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> Andrew Watkins wrote:
>> The more I use samba and the more I read the e-mail coming into this 
>> list, I believe that a new look should be taken into how samba his 
>> configured, since more and more people are having problems with setup 
>> up of samba.
>> Samba is basically  used in 2 different ways:
>> "client") In a Windows ADS environment where you want to access 
>> facilities on UNIX servers:
>>     printers: - print to Unix printers.
>>     File-system: - access to Unix files plus ACL.
>> "server") In a Windows environment where you don't have (or don't 
>> want) a windows ADS
>>     Samba Domain Server - Samba replaces the Microsoft ADS
>> I know you will say that it does all these things, but people are 
>> having many problems setting it up (i.e. in a "client" mode you need 
>> an ldap server if you want ACL to work) OR is it simply down to 
>> documentation OR user error!
>> Andrew
>> PS.
>> I have been using samba for years and I would not be able to live 
>> with out!

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