[Samba] how to debug roaming profiles

Marc Delisle Marc.Delisle at cegepsherbrooke.qc.ca
Mon Jan 29 12:43:47 GMT 2007

John Drescher a écrit :
> On 1/27/07, Marc Delisle <Marc.Delisle at cegepsherbrooke.qc.ca> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I had to install a new Samba server (3.0.23b). Home dir and account 
>> were copied. I join a machine to the domain, but the stored profiles 
>> do not work.  How can I debug that (in which log files)?
>> I checked the usual suspect: permissions; they seem ok to me.
>> Thanks,
>> Marc Delisle
>> -- 
> I had the same problem after upgrading to 3.0.23 from 3.0.22. On some
> XP and win2K machines after logging in an error box appeared saying
> the the profile could not be loaded. There were no samba errors and
> after logging in with a temp profile the user could fully access all
> the files in their profile. It turns out that  setting the following
> in the global settings fixed the problem for me:
> profile acls = yes
> John
Thanks, it did the trick.


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