[Samba] Accessing public folder without entering password.

Ivan Teliatnikov ivan at geosci.usyd.edu.au
Mon Jan 29 08:04:28 GMT 2007

Dear colleagues, 

This is newbe question really. 

I need to setup a "public" directory - aka when mounted from a windows
client from a particular subnet no questions are asked, all users have
"full control" over contents of the folder. 


security = domain 

Share configured as follows:

   comment = GoldSim license file area
   path = /export/u2/software/goldsim
   read only = no
   public = yes
   guest ok = yes
   force directory mode = 0777

Thank you in advance.

Ivan Teliatnikov
School of Geosciences
University of Sydney
ivan at geosci.usyd.edu.au
new phone: +612 9351 3189
mobile   : +614 02 173 179

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