[Samba] Batch print office documents?

Neil Aggarwal neil at JAMMConsulting.com
Sun Jan 28 16:01:29 GMT 2007


I need to build a system like this for a client:

I will have a Linux server in a data room.  It will
have a web interface where the users may upload files.
The files may be: Word, Excel, PDF, tif files, etc.

Now, using the web interface, they should be able to
brig up a list of files, select a set to print and
send them to a local printer that is running as a
shared printer on a Windows network.

The client does not want to change their network to Linux 
nor do they want to give up the ability to use Office 

I do not want to learn how to create this system on Windows.
I would much rather run Linux on the server.

Is is possible to batch print a set of files (including
Office files, pdfs, and images) to a Windows printer
using Samba?


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