[Samba] Re: Multiple Filesystems on one path stmt in smb.conf

Graham Dunn gdunn01 at harris.com
Fri Jan 26 22:40:08 GMT 2007

Luis Daniel Lucio Quiroz wrote:
> You can do that with DFS (i think its correct name, review Samba how to).  DFS 
> let you to have share distributed.
> Le vendredi 26 janvier 2007 14:37, Obukowicz at aol.com a écrit :
>> Can the path statement in the smb.conf contain two entries as in the 
>> example below:
>> path = /u04/abcdef  /u03/xyz
>> What I want to do is to essentially have 2 filesystems be part of one share
>> so that the windows users would see all the sub-directories of filesystems
>> /u04/abcdef and /u03/xyz

I think he's asking if it's possible to have \\server\path display the
union of the files and directories in /u04/abcdef and /u03/xyz.

The answer to that would be no.

You could make a third directory, then symlink the two paths into it, so
it would look like

./abcdef -> /u04/abcdef
./xyz -> /u03/xyz

Unless I'm not reading it clearly ...


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