[Samba] replacing a samba pdc server.

Collen Blijenberg collen at hermanjordan.nl
Fri Jan 26 08:58:06 GMT 2007

Hmm, my new server is installed as BDC!,

but using RPC VAMPIRE against a samba PDC or Domain, ain't working...

guess it's going to be import/export then,  that's all there is left....

Cheers, Collen

Mark Rutherford wrote:
> Hmmm, you can use that, but:
>       Export users, aliases and groups from remote server  to  local  
> server.
>       Can only be run an a BDC.
>     Only if you are a BDC.  :)
> Here is my question....
> I have to migrate a server as well.
> The current server uses smbpasswd and the new server planned I want to 
> use ldapsam.
> Can I ....
> Add the new server as a BDC and 'vampire' the current PDC and then 
> 'promote' the new server and shut the other one off?
> Would be cool if I could. I am exploring methods of 'how' to change 
> the server, but also how to keep things intact.

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