[Samba] net ads info can't find the ldap server.

=?big5?B?TGF0cmVsbCBXYW5nIKT9xG269Q==?= Latrell.Wang at zyxel.com.tw
Fri Jan 26 08:26:37 GMT 2007

I looked into the source code, and have some observations:
I don't wrote the realm in my smb.conf, because I get the realm form net =
ads info.
Once I set realm in the smb.conf, net ads info worked.
Does it mean the realm is needed in smb.conf?
In libads\Ldap.c, the ads_try connect() do not have the realm value =
(ads->server.realm). Is there anything wrong in my environment?
Or the realm must be in smb.conf?

2. When I try to join domain, using net ads join =
-Uadministrator%password, I got the following message:

Using short domain name -- NAS
Failed to set servicePrincipalNames. Please ensure that
the DNS domain of this server matches the AD domain,
Or rejoin with using Domain Admin credentials.
Disabled account for 'NSAF933' in realm 'NAS.LOCAL'

I found the problem is in util\net_ads.c. The function =
net_set_machine_spn() do=20
Line:1001 status =3D ads_gen_mod(ads_s, new_dn, mods). It returns 20 and =
let the ADS_ERROR_OK() check fail. Mark the line join domain will be =

Please give me some advise.


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Hi Jerry:
I've sent you yesterday, but it seems something wrong. I send it again.


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Latrell Wang =A4=FD=C4m=BA=F5 wrote:

>   Failed to parse cldap reply

Can you send me a raw sniff from Wireshark?  And a level 10
debug log from 'net ads info'?

cheers, jerry
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