[Samba] Asynchronous Communications

Nagendra S nags.samba at gmail.com
Fri Jan 26 03:08:41 GMT 2007


I've written a BSD application that has to do many parallel CIFS
authentications, SID to name, and name to SID operations.  It was written
using smbclient application as an example and links against libsmb.  The
problem is that it doesn't seem possible to send a large number of parallel
operations to the domain controller using the samba libraries, unless I fork
a lot of processes, which I cannot easily do.  Even worse, if I send a long
running operation to the DC, all other operations block behind it.

Is there code in Samba to do asynchronous communications to the DC?  If not
in 3.21c, will this be available in v4 and when?  Am I just missing


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