[Samba] What Happened to my SAMBA? Permissions Issue

Charles Marcus CMarcus at Media-Brokers.com
Thu Jan 25 19:54:44 GMT 2007

Travis Bullock wrote:
> OK. Everything is going great for 4 years on my FC3 Samba Version 3.0.3-5. 
> Now all of a sudden, when someone opens a Word/Excel file on a Samba
> share, it changes the user Owner to that user as well as modifies the
> permissions to r-x and leaves the group/permission bits/owner setting
> alone.
> I have the root directories for all shares with the u and g sticky
> bits set on, but it is not enforcing the User sticky bit, only the
> Group.

I'd be real surprised if this happened all on its own. The question to 
ask is, what changed? What was just updated on the server? Or on the 
Clients? The answer should lead you to the solution...


Best regards,


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