[Samba] Port Problem

Adam Nielsen adam.nielsen at uq.edu.au
Thu Jan 25 04:38:57 GMT 2007

> Only shared areas work, printers won't connect (Says something about
> either the printer name is wrong or it has lost its connection to the
> server - nothing in server logs that I can see).

That is a bit odd - are you sure all ports are making it from one PC to
the other?  Nothing is being dropped somewhere along the way?

Can you access the print$ share, where the printer drivers are stored?
If nothing else, maybe you could try running Ethereal and compare
what happens with the internal vs external connections.

> The problem therefore is that although I can see the printers from
> the client on the internal samba server I cannot actually connect to
> them via Add Printer in Windows XP.

The way I normally do it is run \\server and double-click on the
printer - does that also fail?

> From the internal network everything from the windows machine works
> which leads me to believe that the Samba Configuration is fine

Assuming there are no issues with 'hosts allow' or other access

> I am using CUPS on the samba server to print ( do I need the CUPS
> port also accessible through the firewall? )

No, the Samba server connects to CUPS - as long as the client PC can
connect to the Samba server on the ports you've listed all should be


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