[Samba] Mode 0x1b4 errors in logs, unable to save Word documents

Adam Nielsen adam.nielsen at uq.edu.au
Thu Jan 25 00:08:46 GMT 2007

Hi Rune,

Thanks for your reply!  I don't think it's a disk space problem, I
suspect that's just an inaccurate error message but I will try your
suggestion to see if it makes a difference.

> It seems that there is some problem related to acl, what kind of 
> filesystem do you use?

I have done some more testing and in at least one case yes, you are
correct.  I have mounted a remote SMB system and re-exported it from
our local server.  I had accidentally enabled ACL support for that
share, but the underlying filesystem (i.e. the remote SMB server)
doesn't support ACLs.  On this filesystem the "setfacl" program gives
me the same error as appears in the Samba logs.  I have disabled ACL
support for this share so hopefully that will fix the problem.

It doesn't however explain another share, which sits on top of a local
reiserfs filesystem with ACL support (and I use "setfacl" for
permissions here.)  The log messages confuse me though:

chmod_acl <filename> mode 0x1b4 failed: Function not implemented
chmod <filename> mode 0x1b4 failed: Operation not permitted

If 'mode 0x1b4' is referring to filesystem permissions then 0x1b4 is
mode 664 - I can understand why 'function not implemented' would happen
on a filesystem that didn't support ACLs, but 'operation not permitted'
on a local filesystem?

> Is your samba version compiled with acl support?

Yes - I made this mistake long ago and it's definitely compiled with
ACL support now!

> You might have to take a look at smb.conf about acl. e.g. try to
> disable acl for the a directory and see what happens

I do use ACLs for permissions though on the local share - disabling
them would presumably break those permissions?


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