Fwd: [Samba] Samba members in NT4.0 to AD upgrade

Leon Stringer leonstr at yahoo.co.uk
Wed Jan 24 22:08:43 GMT 2007

--- Leon Stringer <leonstr at yahoo.co.uk> wrote:

> From: Leon Stringer <leonstr at yahoo.co.uk>
> I've got an NT4.0 domain that I'm planning to
> upgrade
> to Active Directory.
> I've got a couple of Samba member servers in the
> domain, various versions above 3.0.
> So I have two questions:
>  1. Are there any gotchas with this scenario or will
> the Samba clients 
> just keep working as NT4-esque clients.
>  2. Is it possible to "upgrade" a Samba member
> server
> to be an Active 
> Directory client whilst retaining the user entries
> for
> file shares etc. 
> (i.e. so the SIDs still match).

I'm sure these issues have been discussed before but I
can't find out any specifics (i.e. it will work/won't
work/it will work but...). If there's an M to RTF or
other link I'd be grateful for any info...

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