[Samba] samba 3.0.23 memberserver problems

stephan.storm at rebbergnet.de stephan.storm at rebbergnet.de
Wed Jan 24 14:44:15 GMT 2007


I’m having trouble with my samba network. I installed a samba server
3.0.23 as PDC and everything is running very well. My Windows XP
clients were able to join the domain and everything works quite good.
Now I tried to rejoin the domain with a Terastation from Buffalo. It is
an network storage using a Linux operating system and samba 2.2.4 for
filesharing. That samba is configured as Domain Memberserver using
winbind for username resolution. I had installed samba 3.0.9 as PDC on
my network before and there the Terastation was running very well, but
with version 3.0.23 it makes trouble. When I try the command “wbinfo
-t” on the PDC! I get an error message: NT_STATUS_INVALID_HANDLE. On
the Terastation I get “checking trust succeeded” or something like
that. When I try to lookup usernames with “wbinfo –u” I get errors on
both machines: “Error looking up usernames”. Direct name resolution on
the PDC works: “wbinfo –n username” is successful. I don’t know what’s
going wrong there. I read something in the Release Notes for samba
version 3.0.21 I think but I don’t understand it. Does anybody know
that problem or do you know what I made wrong. I hope for help. Sorry
for my English.

Stephan Storm

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