[Samba] Login and logout scripts

Charles Marcus CMarcus at Media-Brokers.com
Wed Jan 24 13:01:23 GMT 2007

> If you are just using a samba server as the PDC with no MS Windows
> domain controller then yes you can have login scripts.
> You can also use group membership comparisons within the login script
> using a windows tool called ifmember.exe.  Both the vbs/bat files and
> ifmember.exe go /etc/netlogon.

Correction: it is ISMEMBER.EXE, not ifmember.exe.

You can also use something called OSVER.EXE to determine the Windows OS 
version, if you want to run different commands for different OS versions.

I had to do things a little differently to get this to work right on my 
windows 2000 domain. I had to copy the ISMEMBER.EXE files to the local 
computer, running them directly from the script did not work. So I added 
a test to the batch file to look for the existence of the files 
(ISMEMBER.EXE and OSVER.EXE), which copies them to the local computer if 
they are not there. I didn't try changing it when I converted, so Pauls 
suggestion might work just fine.

This also allowed me to put the files in a different location (not the 
NETLOGON share):

<begin snippet>

if exist C:\WINDOWS\system32\ISMEMBER.EXE goto map-home
if exist y: net use y: /del
net use y: \\myserver\installers /persistent:no
copy y:\free\ISMEMBER.EXE c:\WINDOWS\system32\
copy y:\free\OSVER.EXE c:\WINDOWS\system32\

if exist y: net use y: /del

whatever you want for the rest of the commands here

<end snippet>



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