[Samba] Login and logout scripts

Paul McGrath J.P.McGrath at leeds.ac.uk
Wed Jan 24 12:12:59 GMT 2007


If you are just using a samba server as the PDC with no MS Windows
domain controller then yes you can have login scripts.

You can also use group membership comparisons within the login script
using a windows tool called ifmember.exe.  Both the vbs/bat files and
ifmember.exe go /etc/netlogon.

To do the group comparison you have do a net groupmap command to map the
unix group with an nt group.

I have done this on a Mac Tiger and Panther server.  If you want more
info mail me directly.  I am going on holiday tomorrow so I may not get
back straight away.

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> Is there a way to run a script on my samba PDC machine when a 
> user logs in and logs out?
> Thanks in advance.
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