[Samba] troubleshooiing browsing via a VPN....

David Sims dpsims at dpsims.com
Tue Jan 23 21:50:41 GMT 2007


  I am using OpenVPN to connect from a RoadWarrior machine to my company
LAN (via IPCop and the OpenVPN addon). I have configured OpenVPN to push:

DHCP Address/NetMask/Gateway
WINS Address
DNS Server Address
NBT Node Type 2

to the RoadWarrior computer (WinXP)... I have also enabled 'remote
announce =' in Samba.... (not sure how to confirm
that this is actually working) but I still am only able to see the
RoadWarrior machine in My Network Places...

  Does anyone have a clue for me?? nbtstat -n shows the RoadWarrior
machine is ..__MSBROWSE__.<01> GROUP   Registered
(alond with the other expected names and IDs)...

  Is there a way to monitor WINS registrations on the Samba based WINS
server on the LAN?? I would have thought that the RoadWarrior machine
would register with WINS when it connects...How can I troubleshoot this???
I can ping hostnames on the LAN from the roadwarrior machine.... One clue
is that if I change workgroups on the RoadWarrior machine but _do not
reboot_ I can then browse.... I'm stumped.... Please help....


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