[Samba] Workstaion trust account

Cardon Denis denis.cardon at tranquilitsystems.com
Tue Jan 23 17:50:32 GMT 2007

Hi sermodi,
> I'm having a problem adding a W2K workstaion to the domain samba+ldap. 
> I can
> add it by logging with the local administartor then add to domain, but I
> would like to do it without doing it manually on every workstation. Have
> hundrads of workstations, I tried to add them by using smbldap scripts 
> and I
> get an entry for the workstation but it still don't work. Is it even
> possible to only add a trust account on the PDC or do I have to do it 
> from
> the windows client?
adding a workstation throught the windows "join a domain" gui does some 
configuration change on the host computer. Modifying is not enough, in 
any case you'll have to do a few thing on the windows box. However there 
a few command line tools available from MS for joining a domain, so you 
can write a small script to add the boxes.



> Thanks!
> /Sermodi

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