[Samba] slow streaming but fast copy

Tom Van den Eynde tom at vandeneynde.net
Tue Jan 23 14:39:13 GMT 2007


As mentioned in the original mail, I also did tests with the latest binary packages from samba.org but theses gave me even worse performance.

Debug Level logging is turned off. I only enabled it during some tests (and then only one client was connect to a Core 2 Duo  machine so the machine was not really loaded :) )


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Tom Van den Eynde wrote:
> - I have increased the debugging level but don't see any differences in
> logging between a correct (fast) copy a slow copy
Be aware that turning on debugging massively impacts throughput
performance. We were seeing only 50Mbs on Samba servers (with 100M
cards) and couldn't figure out what was wrong. Then we noticed "log
level = 9" ;-) Turning that off kicked performance up to 80Mbs - which
is equivalent to our Win2K3 servers.


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