[Samba] Synchronization between Windows XP and samba

Markus Lauterbach markus.lauterbach at allesklar.com
Mon Jan 22 18:10:06 GMT 2007


I'm using samba version 2.2.9. On the clientside I'm using Windows XP.
Samba is running as pdc and while I'm in the office, all works fine. During
my session, I can create documents in my personal folder (for example on my
desktop) and when I log out, all files are synced to my serverside profile.
When I work offline (so that I'm not connected to the pbc) and I create
files (*.docs, *.xls, ... ), then these file will be stored in my personal
folders too. The next time I connect to the pdc my local profile will be
synced to the serverside profil. The files on my client are still in the
same direction. Now I log out and the files, generated in "offline mode" are
not synced to my serverside profil.

I already checked the samba.log generated for this client, but it's looking

What do I do wrong? Why are these files not synced by samba as the pdc? Are
there any hints?


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