[Samba] Duplicate Desktop Icons...

Jeff Ross jross at wykids.org
Mon Jan 22 18:04:01 GMT 2007


I posted this problem a while back but wasn't able to resolve the issue. 
  It's gotten worse--now almost all of my users in the network have the 
duplicate icon problem.

I'm recently upgraded to samba-3.0.23d from 3.0.21 on an OpenBSD 4.0 
server.  I'm using folder redirection to redirect the Application Data, 
Desktop, My Documents, and Favorites folders off to 
%LOGONSERVER%\profiles\%USERNAME%\ on the server by changing the 
appropriate values in the registry with regedt32.  Additionally, I've 
used mmc to make these changes to use local profiles with folder 

Local Computer Policy->Administrative Templates->System->User Profiles
	Do not check for user ownership of Roaming Profile	Enabled
	Delete cached copies of roaming profiles		Disabled
	Prevent roaming profile changes from propagating	Enabled
	Only allow local user profiles				Enabled

User Configuration->Administrative Templates->System->User Profiles

	Exclude directories in roaming profile			Enabled
	Directories Excluded
		Application Data;Desktop;My Documents;Favorites

Most of my users now have duplicate icons on their desktops.  For 
example, if there is a file named test.doc in the 
/profiles/username/Desktop directory on the server, their desktop will 
actually display two icons for the file.  The properties on either icon 
show its location to be \\SAMBA\profiles\username\Desktop, and deleting 
one of the icons will make the other also go away when the desktop is 

The My Documents folder does not display this double icon problem when I 
open the folder, so I don't think the problem is specific to folder 

I didn't have any luck finding anything about this problem on Google, so 
any insights would be greatly appreciated.

My smb.conf file is below.


Jeff Ross

workgroup = WYKIDS
netbios name = Samba
interfaces = em0
bind interfaces only = Yes
passdb backend = tdbsam
pam password change = Yes
passwd program = /usr/bin/passwd %u
passwd chat = *New*Password* %n\n *Re-enter*new*password*%n\n 
username map = /etc/samba/smbusers
unix password sync = Yes
debug timestamp = no
log level = 1
syslog only = yes
syslog = 3
smb ports = 139
name resolve order = wins bcast hosts
time server = Yes
#printcap name = CUPS
#show add printer wizard = No
add user script = /usr/sbin/useradd -m '%u'
delete user script = /usr/sbin/userdel -r '%u'
add group script = /usr/sbin/groupadd '%g'
delete group script = /usr/sbin/groupdel '%g'
add user to group script = /usr/sbin/usermod -G '%g' '%u'
add machine script = /usr/sbin/useradd -s /bin/false -d /tmp '%u'
;shutdown script = /var/lib/samba/scripts/shutdown.sh

preexec  = sh -c  'echo  \"Welcome  to  %S!\" |/usr/local/bin/smbclient 
-M %m -I %I' &

abort shutdown script = /sbin/shutdown -c
logon drive = H:
logon home = \\%L\%U
logon path = \\%L\Profiles\%U
logon script = scripts\logon.bat
domain logons = Yes
preferred master = Yes
wins support = Yes
utmp = Yes
map acl inherit = Yes
#printing = cups
#cups options = Raw
printing = bsd
veto files = /*.eml /*.nws/ *.{*}/
veto oplock files = /*.doc /*.xls /*.mdb /*.pdf /*.PST
passdb expand explicit = no
nt acl support = no
#============================ Share Definitions 
    comment = Home Directories
    valid users = %S
    read only = No
    browseable = No
   default case = lower
   preserve case = no
   short preserve case = no
   mangled names = yes
   case sensitive = no
   writable = yes
    comment = Network Logon Service
    path = /var/netlogon
    writable = yes
    browsable = yes
   path = /profiles
   writable = yes
   create mask = 0600
   directory mask = 0700
   browsable = yes
   acl check permissions = no
   hide files = /desktop.ini/outlook*.lnk/*Briefcase*/Thumbs.db
# NOTE: If you have a BSD-style print system there is no need to
# specifically define each individual printer
    comment = All Printers
    path = /var/spool/samba
    browseable = no
# Set public = yes to allow user 'guest account' to print
    guest ok = no
    writable = no
    printable = yes

    comment = Applications
    path = /apps
    read only = no
    public = yes
    create mask = 1775
    directory mask = 1775

    comment = Bookkeeping
    path = /bookkeeping
    read only = no
    public = no

    comment = Archives
    path = /archives
    read only = yes
    public = yes

    comment = Shared
    path = /shared
    read only = no
    public = yes
    create mask = 1775
    directory mask = 1775

    comment = STARS
    path = /stars
    read only = no
    public = yes
    create mask = 1775
    directory mask = 1775
    comment = Backup
    path = /backup
    read only = no
    public = yes

    comment = Music
    path = /music
    read only = no
    public = yes

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