[Samba] Multi share point to the same drive letter

M Azer azermina at gmail.com
Sun Jan 21 03:56:29 GMT 2007

I have the same setup where all of my Dept shares under a parent share for
finance, sales, IT are all under the shares folder and i have setup a one
login script in the user profile to map to the parent share
net use P: "\\samba\shares
however if someone from the sales group log in he will see all 3 share but
will only be permitted to go in the sales share same works with the other
group members. What I am trying to do is when the sales user log in I only
want the user to see the Sales folder 'share' only not the other two shares.
I have set the right permission on all shares where the each group own the
folder for example
sales folder will be owned by the root and the group will be the sales group
sales rwxrwx000 root sales
however when someone not a member of the sales group logon they still see
the sales folder 'share'

On 1/20/07, Dale Schroeder <dale at briannassaladdressing.com> wrote:
> I did exactly that by creating a "super share".
> For example, if you have shared directories /data/finance, /data/IT, and
> /data/Devel, you can map the drive letter P to the shared directory
> "/data".
> Adjust the configurations of the super share and subshares to provide
> the controlled access that you wish.
> Good luck,
> Dale
> M Azer wrote:
> > I have samba 3 setup up as ads for windows 2003 AD. is there any way to
> > create multiable shares in Samba that point to same drive letter.
> > for instance:
> > [finance]
> > [IT]
> > [Devel]
> >
> > what I want to accomplish is when the user double click "MY Computer" 2
> > network drive  exist
> >
> > H for user home
> > P for Company shares which should show the 3 above shares
> >
> > Thanks

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