[Samba] Trusted domain or BDC?

Asier Baranguán abaranguan at elpagestion.com
Fri Jan 19 09:22:51 GMT 2007

Hi all!

I have to join some remote offices and share the userbase. Some offices must have it's own 
domain (same enterprise group, but different company). For this offices I plan to make a 
trust relationship between domains (W2003 <-> Samba and Samba <-> Samba) and for the 
others (same company) perhaps I have two alternatives:

+ Implant it's own domain and make another trust relationship with our local domain
+ Implant Samba acting as a BDC of our local domain.

The link between the offices would be made with a VPN, very reliable in our end point, but 
not so in the other offices. The userbase is small (~40 users, ~60 computers) so... ¿which 
could be the best bet? ¿BDC or trusted domains?

Unfortunately I can't make a test and see what's better so I need some advice.


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