[Samba] samba security question

Dave Abouav dave at transducertech.com
Fri Jan 19 00:19:46 GMT 2007


I've setup a Samba server running on FreeBSD in a small company I just 
joined.  I'd like to have some shares on the server be accessible to 
everyone, without the need to connect with a username and password. This 
is important for backwards compatibility with the current Windows PC 
fileserver they have (which I want to migrate them away from).

I'd also like to have other shares that only certain users or groups can 
access, such as home directory shares.

What security setting can I set Samba to so that I can accomplish both 
of these? It seems that the "user" setting will always require a 
username, so this is not good unless I can work around this for the 
public shares. But the "share" setting seems like it just associates a 
password with the share itself. This would be okay for home directories, 
but not very good for shares accessed by an entire group of users.

Any other ideas for how this can be done? Windows can do it by adding 
the user EVERYONE. Does Samba have such a user? Please CC me in the 
email response (dave at transducertech.com).



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