[Samba] windows 2003 can't map drives

M Azer azermina at gmail.com
Thu Jan 18 18:10:51 GMT 2007

did you create the share "webcal" on your samba machine if you didn't thats
why you getting this message. also make sure if its a share for all of you
windows domain users that the "webcal" share is ownd by the "domain users"
drwxrwx---   4 root Domain Users  4096 Jan 17 17:43 webcal

chgrp -R 'domain users' webcal

On 1/18/07, Larry Adamiec <ladamiec at kentlaw.edu> wrote:
> I am running Samba Version 3.0.23a on a Solaris 10 machine.
> On Windows XP I can map a drive to \\www\webcal
> I can't do this on a WIndows 2003 machine.  I get an error message stating
> "The drive couldn't be mapped because no network was found"
> I have not been able to find a solution for this.
> Larry
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