[Samba] LF vs CRLF (Was: Mapping a network drive to a WindowsDrive Letter)

Lamar.Saxon at americredit.com Lamar.Saxon at americredit.com
Thu Jan 18 13:27:10 GMT 2007

You also have the option of using GVIM/VIM instead of Windows editors.
VIM can determine this information.



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On Wed, 17 Jan 2007, Wolfgang Ratzka wrote:

> stuart.jamieson at dstintl.com schrieb:
>> We have this working.
>> however
>> Some developers edit files using "windows editors"  and when they
then copy
>> them to the  Windows Drive Letter  which is mapped to a Unix machine,
>> resultant file  is full of  ^M  characters..... build breaks..... and
so on
>> Until now we have been telling users to run "dos2unix"  beforehand,
>> somebody told me  that "Samba"  can handle this if properly
configured ?
>> Is this possible ?    If so can somebody please help me  ?
> This cannot be done. Samba would need to decide for every file whether
> is DOS text, that needs to be recoded, or a binary file, which must
not be
> touched.

Do you use a source code management tool like CVS for your files?
We use CVS and have configured it to check for DOS files (and other
things) upon commit.  In our case we've set it up to disallow the
commit and force the developer to fix the problem(s).  If you are
using an SCM tool, perhaps you could get it to do something similar
or even automatically do the conversion for you.


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