[Samba] CIFS / mounting long delay

Stéfano Schotten stefano at amti.com.br
Wed Jan 17 21:36:57 GMT 2007

Hi all;

When I access the data hosted in that share using others mount ways 
(except the smbmount/mount.cifs/mount -t smbfs/mount -t cifs) all works 
fine, downhere a benchmark:

1) Transfer a 500 mb file:
netcat - 27 seconds
ftp - 31 seconds
smbclient - 38 seconds
mounted (cifs) - 2:58 minutes

I'm having a big problem with delay mounting a share using smbmount or 
mount -t cifs.

First idea, wonder that could be the kernel (, I was having a 
locking issue too so I upgraded to for use CIFS (later, in 
other compilation, went to, same problem.

I already tried all "smb.conf tweaks" - like read raw, socket options 
and all that kind, nothing solved this problem. Already compiled the 
both kernels (server and client) with SMB/CIFS options and nothing seens 
to solve my problem. Here is my last smb.conf (just the basic - note: 
the smb.conf tweak don't change nothing in this case):

        workgroup = TEST
        netbios name = TEST
        valid users = @users
        admin users = @users

        comment = data
        path = /data
        read only = No

There are around 150 terminals which should access that share (that runs 
a Cobol's 35 Gb database), half users are Windows and for those, the 
access is just perfect, the others users should access from Linux using 
smbmount (or another way that I don't know) and they run directly to 
that longe delay scenario.

Thought that could be a DNS issue, so created a DNS (and Winbind) zone 
with everything OK, created /etc/hosts entrances for each Linux box (and 
at each client for the server) for eliminate this possibility, so, 
nothing change.

The CIFS logs at clients are alright (and in fact, if I map using smbfs 
instead CIFS, the efect runs just the same).

The commando used for mounting is:

mount.cifs // /data -o username=user,password=test

Note: the options recordio, noperms, nobrl and the whole meal were just 

samba version (from 3.0.23c to 3.0.23d)
kernel version (from to
name resolution
cifs for better performance

I'm just running out of possibilities, googling that I found some 
related problem (but without solution) to gigabits NICs - and my whole 
DMZ is 1000 mbps.

Can someone please give me a light? I'm just running out of options.


Stefano Schotten

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