[Samba] Re: rename or mv not possible when unix write mode not set

Felipe Augusto van de Wiel felipe at paranacidade.org.br
Wed Jan 17 14:02:00 GMT 2007

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On 01/16/2007 06:43 PM, Kevin Longfellow escreveu:
>>	Do you mean that you are using chmod and mv
>>provided by MKS under windows, or are you saying
>>something else?
> Hi Felipe,
> Thanks for responding.

	You are welcome.

> Yes using chmod and mv provided by MKS under Windows XP.  
> Also, note that Windows rename does not work either.

>>	Did you try to add vfs full audit and check
>>what's going on "under the bridge"?
> No.  About all I have done so far is narrow the problem 
> down to our source control system doing a mv of a file
> with 544 permissions.

	Could you please do that?  Add a 'vfs objects' directive
with full_audit and check syslog to see what happens when you
manipulate the files.

>>	And also, what the log says when you try to
>>execute the same thing? Doing that over the smbfs
>>or CIFS is not _exactly_ the same thing as when you
>>are on the unix filesystem.
> I have not checked the logs.  I'll take a look.

	And send the important parts to the list if you need
more help/info.

> This works fine on a local Windows XP filesystem.  It also 
> works fine to a CIFS share served by a Network Appliance
> filer.  The only server that appears to fail is samba.
> Why would it behave different than other CIFS servers?

	It is software. Made by humans. That need to reverse
engineer a lot of stuff to get it working with other
proprietary CIFS implementations. Considering that, sometimes
'sh!t' happens. :-)

	Kind regards,

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