[Samba] LF vs CRLF (Was: Mapping a network drive to a Windows Drive Letter)

Wolfgang Ratzka ratzka at hrz.uni-marburg.de
Wed Jan 17 10:50:46 GMT 2007

stuart.jamieson at dstintl.com schrieb:

> We have this working.
> however
> Some developers edit files using "windows editors"  and when they then copy
> them to the  Windows Drive Letter  which is mapped to a Unix machine, the
> resultant file  is full of  ^M  characters..... build breaks..... and so on
> Until now we have been telling users to run "dos2unix"  beforehand,  but
> somebody told me  that "Samba"  can handle this if properly configured ?
> Is this possible ?    If so can somebody please help me  ?

This cannot be done. Samba would need to decide for every file whether it
is DOS text, that needs to be recoded, or a binary file, which must not be
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