[Samba] Dual boot Win98 Centos sharing files

Jeff Boyce jboyce at meridianenv.com
Tue Jan 16 22:16:52 GMT 2007

jbaker_signatureSo, it sounds like using Samba is not the way to achieve my objective.  And that I just need to learn about partitioning.  So my new question would be can anyone point me to a good how-to for creating a FAT32 partition within the LVM on my 160 GB drive that I have Linux installed.  I am new to LVM and don't have much of any experience with partitioning.  Or, maybe someone should point me to a better mailing list to ask this question since I am probably diverging from the Samba topic.  Thanks.


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  Totally possible.
  Use a program like partition magic to create a FAT32 partition (or install a secondary drive just for data). This is where you will put all the files you want to share between the OSes. In windows you will obviously be able to browse to the drive via the drive letter (e: drive, etc). In your fstab in linux, create a mount point to the drive, so you can access it via linux. I use this setup between XP Pro and Ubuntu, works great.

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  Jeff Boyce wrote: 
    Greetings - 

    I have searched the mailing list archives and my Samba 3 book and have not seen this issue addressed anywhere.  My home desktop box has Win98 installed on a 20 GB drive and Centos 4.4 on a 160 GB drive with a Grub menu for selecting which OS to boot.  I am wondering if it is theoretically possible to share (read and write) files on the Linux drive when booted to Window, and vice versa, is it possible to share files on the Windows drive when booted to Linux.  My Linux drive is set up with LVM.  I manage a Linux server with 8 Windows boxes at work using Samba, so am familiar with configuring Samba, but I am wondering if it is possible to do this type of file sharing within a single dual boot box?  Thanks. 

    Jeff Boyce 

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