[Samba] Testing subnets with samba[Scanned]

David Greenhall david.greenhall at praybourne.co.uk
Mon Jan 15 13:49:39 GMT 2007

OK before i start, this was something i was just testing while everyone was in training this afternoon. I have never had to deal with subnets before as we only have a few users, but decided to do a little bit of messing around to gain some experience.

Basically we have one server (mandriva 2006) running samba, it has two 4 port ethernet cards in it but only utilitising one port from each card. ( and 
Every machine on the network is using the same subnet mask ( 
All machines are connected using one cisco switch.

What I tried was enabling one of the other ports on the server and giving it the following details:
IP address:

After enabling the card, everything seemed ok (I could ping the machine from mine straight away) However when I changed my network settings (win98) to the same subnet, samba would not let me login.

The message was  "password expired or logon server refused connection"
I could not login at all until I reset my network settings back to the default subnet 

Would be grateful if anyone could shed some light on this as I don't understand why I could not login.


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