[Samba] map network drive on previously mounted samba share on winxp

Kevin T nevikintx at yahoo.com
Sun Jan 14 02:57:18 GMT 2007

i have successfully accesses a samba share vi an winxp
machine.  the user name on both the winxp and linux
boxes are the same.  the passwords for all 3, winxp,
linux, samba are the same.

i wish to mount this drive as a mapped drive.  after a
reboot of the xp machine, the map network drive takes
me down the tree but won't allow me to see the share. 

sssooooo,  i access the share thetypical way, through
the windows explorer browser.  it asks for the
user/passwd, i provide it, i get access.

now i try the map network drive. i can now click
through the tree and find the share.  i click finish
and it asks for the user/pass once more.  i provide
it, it does nothing but continue to ask for the

what am i missing?


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kevin t

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