[Samba] Windows XP cannot load roaming profile

Jiri Vyskocil svzj at centrum.cz
Sat Jan 13 19:16:36 GMT 2007

Greetings to the samba community,

I am trying to set up a small (12 workstations) Windows XP network served by an Ubuntu 6.06 samba PDC.

I have domain logons working, but I am unable to properly set up roaming profiles. One of the users called "host" (which means "guest" in Czech) is able to login without any warnings. Other users (so far "administrator" and "badcat") get error on login saying (in Czech) that Windows can't find server copy of the roaming profile and tries to login using local profile (and fails doing this, for there are no local profiles set). The "host" user logs in without warning, but apparently stores profile locally - when I login from other workstation, no changes made to the desktop etc. are visible. There seem to be no files or directories created on the server no matter what I do on the workstations.
So far, I have:
- made empty word-writable /home/samba/profiles folder
- copied "Default User" profile to /home/samba/netlogon
- set that group policies thing in gpedit.msc on workstations
- tried both:
   * empty /home/samba/profiles
   * converting a profile from a local profile to a domain profile and copying it to /home/samba/profiles/host

I have uploaded relevant files to http://public.toh.cz/samba they are samba log files with log level = 3 and windows debug logs obtained following instructions in MS knowlegde base article 221833.
The logs contain:
- samba starting
- user 'host' logging in (The logon seemed successful, but no profile information appeared anywhere on the server and his desktop wasn't the one stored in /home/samba/profiles/host/Plocha "Plocha" is Czech for "Desktop" Czech versions of WIndows use this directory)
- user 'host' logging out
- user 'badcat' logging in and getting those two error messages (The "can't find server copy of the roaming profile" one and "no local profile")
- user badcat logging out
- samba shutdown

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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