[Samba] winxp home login to samba shares

An-Dee an-dee at beos.hu
Sat Jan 13 13:26:22 GMT 2007


I would like to move Samba shares from my debian onto an uhu (hungarian
linux distro)
The base things are ok, but there is a little problem when I try to
reach shares from my winxp home. As the networking is missing from
home version (no domain logon, etc, as it exists in pro version) samba
should ask user:pass for each time (after rebooting or disconnecting).

My debian works like that, but on my new server once I have typed the
user:pass I have to use that login, I cannot change.

On pro version there is a 'remember password' option, but in home
version there isn't (as it is not implemented)

I would like samba to ask user:pass from home version each time I try
to connect to samba shares. (and act like my old debian)

Any idea?


 An-Dee                          mailto:an-dee at beos.hu

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