[Samba] fam inconsistent in noticing changes

Jason Haar Jason.Haar at trimble.co.nz
Sat Jan 13 03:34:06 GMT 2007

I'm running Samba-3.0.23d on CentOS4.4 servers.

We have a process where people can upload files (from WinXP) to a
directory over Samba,   and then a Unix cronjob picks those files up,
moves them to another directory (outside of Samba) and does things to them.

The problem is that when the file moves occur, WinXP doesn't show the
files have disappeared. Even days later the files show up as still being
in that directory - unless the WinXP user hits F5 of course. i.e.
FAM/dnotify isn't telling Windows a change has occurred.

I have done some simple manual testing and can't easily repeat the
problem on the same boxes. I can go to a directory (under WinXP), create
a file/dir, then (under Unix) move that directory out - and it
disappears within seconds under WinXP.

What should I be looking for to diagnose the problem further? Are there
some condition under which FAM/etc becomes a bit dodgy? (e.g. does that
lack of a TTY in cron trigger something?)




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