[Samba] migrate old samba2.2.8 - smbpasswd to new samba3.0 - ldap - based

peter pilsl pilsl at goldfisch.at
Tue Jan 9 12:14:57 GMT 2007

I'm just migrating a medium sambainstallation from old samba2.2.8 to new samba 
3.0.  The server is acting as PDC and there is no BDC.

The new samba is based on LDAP and is already successfully tested. Now I need to 
transfer the whole old smbpasswd to the new ldap-style to convert users and 
machines with minimal effort. Especially I dont want to break the relations 
between the machines and the server (otherwise I would need to run to 80 
machines and rejoin the new domain ....) and the user-auth.

There is a NTPassword and a LMPassword in the new LDAP-structure and there are 
two similar numbers in the old smbpasswd-file. Is this the same? Can I just 
transfer this hashes for users and machines and everything is fine?

And whats with the PrimaryGroupSID thats needed in the LDAP-structure (like 
S-1-5-21-669212683-4259385398-1987947194-513)  - I couldnt find this in the old 
smbpasswd-structure?  Can I just set this on my own?

As you see I'm at the state of shooting in the dark and fiddling and trying 
around. Any insight would be greatly appretiated.


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