[Samba] problem share folder cannot delete, modify

Indracyd nusa_x at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 9 04:54:47 GMT 2007

Dear all,

i have installed samba on kernel 2.6.12-12 @Mandriva
i have a problem with folder share this is my script :

        delete readonly = yes
        writeable = yes
        path = /data/IT
        write list = @sit
        force directory mode = 777
        force create mode = 777
        comment = Information Technology
        valid users = @sit
        create mode = 777
        directory mode = 777

when user jack create file on folder IT, user merlin
cannot modify that jack create file, only read. jack
and merlin is same group "sit", can you help me?

i have add group si to owner the folder IT :

drwxrwx---  3 root sit    4096 Jan  9 11:32 IT/

thank you before

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