[Samba] Using samba groups on AD

Diego Lima diego-lima at prodesan.com.br
Mon Jan 8 17:05:52 GMT 2007


I currently have 2 domains on my network, domain A controlled by a Win2k and
domain B controlled by a Samba PDC. A and B both have trust relationships
between them.

The problem is, can domain A use the groups from domain B? When I'm setting
directory permissions on my Win2k machine I can see both users and groups from
my samba server, but when I add a group and try to connect to the share the
windows server denies access.

Do I have to do anything special? I have created the group on my samba server
and placed the users (also from the samba server) inside it. If it matters,
I'm using LDAP as backend to samba.


Diego Alencar Alves de Lima
DINF - Prodesan (http://www.prodesan.com.br)
Prefeitura Municipal de Santos (http://www.santos.sp.gov.br)

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