[Samba] newbie question

sick zick.nd at gmail.com
Thu Jan 4 21:39:03 GMT 2007


i'm trying to implement a samba server in one of the branches of the
organization that i'm working for.

at the present i have a w2k3 pdc and dns with active directory wich
handles all the domain secrity policies as the user profiles, the
problem is that the branch is very far and the networking channel is
very poor.

we decided to install a server in samba wich would handle the dns,
dhcp and the authentication of the users in the branch, is very small,
only 10 clients.

now, (don't fall sleep please) i've really read the samba docs, but i
cant seem to find how can it be integrated with active directory?,
because i really need to use the user privileges that are set on the
ad, all i seem to find is reference to unix user in windows domains,
but in my case all the users are on the ad using windows xp, i have 20
linux/unix servers but this would be the first incoporated to the
windows domain and active directory...


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