[Samba] Making Home Directory available for Windows Users

Alexander Schaber lists at alexanderschaber.de
Thu Jan 4 21:00:34 GMT 2007

> You can Map a drive letter to the home share using
> logon drive = q:
> logon home = \\<servername>\%u

We are not using domain logons at this point. The workstations are not in the 
domain of the fileserver.

> This will map the home as the p: drive so each user gets their home
> drive as a p: drive. For older MS OS's you can achieve the same thing
> with a logon script.

We're using win2000 only right now.

The problem my teacher has with domain logons is, that he doea not know how to 
do all the restrictions on the profiles, so that it cannot be changed from 
it's default. And therefore why save some 300 profiles which are all the 

Now if there is a way, to do a domain logon with my own user/pass but still 
having the same profile for everyone and not having 400 identical profiles on 
the server .. TELL ME :) That's just what I always wanted :)

> > Bye,
> > Andreas

 Alexander Schaber
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