[Samba] Samba/Cups collating

Ricky Armstead rarmstead at bluecanopy.com
Wed Jan 3 20:27:29 GMT 2007

For sometime now I have not been able to print Collated pages on windows
client machines Domain Wide. Our print server is cups, running on Linux
Gentoo. If I print directly to the printer within windows I am able to
collate. If a Linux machine prints from command line specifying
Collate=True while printing pages it works. I have been searching quite
some time now to find a fix, or a how to but no go. Even on the cups
forum I haven't found an answer. I wonder I if I specify in the smb.conf
under the print command section collate=True would that work? If anyone
has this working or know how to get this to work please let me know.


Thanks In advance

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