[Samba] Re: USRMGR, groups, and ldap

Hart Jon Jon.Hart at rhul.ac.uk
Wed Jan 3 13:42:14 GMT 2007

I was experiencing the same problems as detailed below.  

I found that my OpenLDAP Samba (samba.schema) in /etc/ldap/schema was
out of date; I have now replaced it with the latest version from the
Samba source (3.0.23d).

The correct number of domain groups are now reported with 'net rpc info'
and the groups are visible from the Windows XP dialog boxes and USRMGR.



>>> On 07/22/06 James Money wrote >>>
>Also, I just checked that if I downgrade to 3.0.22, that the groups
start >working correctly. Maybe there is something that I need to do to
get the >groups to work when I go to version 3.0.23?
>>> "James Money" <jmoney at nccu.edu> 07/22/06 8:37 PM >>>
>usrmgr.exe is located on the local winxp machine's c: drive. However, I
>don't think this is just an usrmgr.exe issue. If I run 'net rpc info'
on >the samba server, it returns:
>Domain Name: MATH_CS
>Domain SID: S-1-5-21-1882045844-2771900506-1057560041
>Sequence number: 1153614529
>Num users: 5
>Num domain groups: 0
>Num local groups: 0
>which is wrong for the number of local and domain groups. Also, 'net
rpc >group' returns no groups as well.
>>> "Jamrock" <news_jamrock at yahoo.com> 07/21/06 9:57 AM >>>
>"James Money" <jmoney at nccu.edu> wrote in message
>news:44BFA3B80200006700010B63 at artemis.nccu.edu...
>I currently have samba version 3.0.23 installed using ldap as the
>backend. I am experiencing the same problems as Holger Wesser
>in his posting "USRMGR.exe not working properly".

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