Kevin Layer layer at known.net
Wed Jan 3 02:31:13 GMT 2007

Tim Boneko <lists at boneko.de> wrote:

>> Kevin Layer schrieb:
>> > [I didn't see any replies to my 12/27 post... so reposting it]
>> It's a bad time of year if you need help...
>> >    bad:
>> >    oob2 -> relay: NT Trans Request, NT CREATE
>> >    relay -> oob2: Nt Trans Response, NT CREATE,
>> Try it the other way round, i.e. from relay:
>> 	smbclient -L oob2

Worked fine.

>> ...and to itself, as a user with smb access:
>>   	smbclient -L localhost

Also worked, albeit changing localhost to, since samba
listens on

>> This won't help much, but maybe you find out something interesting.
>> Good luck!

Thanks for the suggestions, timbo.  Appreciated.  I'm really out of
ideas on this one.


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