RE [samba] ACL inheritance like NTFS?

stephane.purnelle at stephane.purnelle at
Tue Jan 2 12:49:07 GMT 2007

XFS use ACL for that.

Each Default xxxx entry will provide inheritance.

For applying ACL ont sub-diretcory and file, we have modified the 
file-manager of webmin for manage ACL and inheritance.
For the rest, samb manage the ACL with the good parameter.

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02/01/2007 13:25:48 :

> Hi all,
> I will migrate a windows fileserver to a Suse System with XFS-filesystem
> and Samba. I will copy the files with the robocopy tool from Microsoft. 
> I did some test and I noticed that XFS-filesystem does not support
> inheritance like NTFS. If there a solution for that problem? How did you
> solve that problem?
> Thank you!
> Richard
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