[Samba] Windows Share Issue

Keith Lynn lynn at cis.usouthal.edu
Mon Jan 1 18:03:58 GMT 2007

Hello all,
      I have a Samba server running version 2.2.8 that works fine for most 
of the needs that I have. However, I plan to use the Samba server to host 
shares that my users running Windows will use to run backup programs using 
Robocopy. The problem is that when the destination is a Windows drive, 
Robocopy is very fast because it only backs up what hasn't changed. With a 
Linux share, the backup takes a great deal longer I believe because of a 
bit that Windows uses and Linux doesn't. My question is, do the later 
versions of Samba have a way to deal with this problem or is it something 
that can't happen with Linux? Thanks.

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