[Samba] What is happening here?

M9. monkey9 at iae.nl
Mon Feb 26 15:17:09 GMT 2007

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Hi readers of this list,

I have this nasty problem, that looks fixed, but everytime something
else annoying happens...

- From SuSE10.0, there are problems with browsing LAN, due to
susefirewall, was said...and partialy this is true..
All kind of strange things, incompatibilities, or bugs, keep me from
just browsing shares in the network...
I filed a bug on this issue: Bug # 246770

Today, i removed ashare, that was created as test, and was not nessesary
anymore, result: network invisible!

monkey9 at tribal-sfn2:~> smbclient -L//tribal-sfn2
Domain=[TRIBAL-SFN2] OS=[Unix] Server=[Samba 3.0.23d-19.2-1179-SUSE-SL10.2]
tree connect failed: NT_STATUS_BAD_NETWORK_NAME
monkey9 at tribal-sfn2:~>

What has happened here?
I only removed one single share!

To show i am serious, the cat log for the unexisting network in this
case tribal-sfn2, from which i want to acces other pc's in the network..

monkey9 at tribal-sfn2:~> cat /etc/samba/smb.conf

winbind gid = 10000-20000
winbind uid = 10000-20000
usershare max shares = 100
workgroup = mshome
add machine script = /usr/sbin/useradd  -c Machine -d /var/lib/nobody -s
/bin/false %m$
domain master = no
restrict anonymous = no
max protocol = NT
acl compatibility = winnt
ldap ssl = No
server signing = Auto
map to guest = Bad User
guest ok = yes
case sensitive = no
strict locking = no
msdfs proxy = no
read only = no
preferred master = no

comment = films
inherit acls = yes
path = /windowsF/Divx/
read only = no
#       case sensitive = no
#       strict locking = no
#       msdfs proxy = no

comment = muziek
inherit acls = Yes
path = /windowsD/MP3/
read only = No

## Share disabled by YaST
# [netlogon]

comment = muziek
inherit acls = Yes
path = /shared/
read only = No

comment = documenten
inherit acls = Yes
path = /windowsC/Documents and Settings/All Users/Documenten/
read only = No

comment = tekeningen
inherit acls = Yes
path = /windowsE/Tekeningen/
read only = No
monkey9 at tribal-sfn2:~>

these we commented out, entrances made by the kde config module, and
with which this share did not exist..

#       case sensitive = no
#       strict locking = no
#       msdfs proxy = no

Is there something in this config which should look different?
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Have a nice day,

M9.               Now, is the only time that exists.

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