[Samba] password alignment with /etc/passwd

Markus Franke Markus.Franke at informatik.tu-chemnitz.de
Wed Feb 28 11:30:10 GMT 2007

Dear Samba Users,

I have a Linux Server exporting its services (NFS/NIS) to some Linux
Clients. Now, I have installed a new Windows Client and I would like to
use Samba as a PDC.
My question is, if there is any possibility to align the passwords
between /etc/passwd and some backend (e.g. smbpasswd). I know that there
is mksmbpasswd.sh but it resets all passwords and just aligns usernames
with /etc/passwd. Is there a way to preserve also the passwords? Or is
there maybe also a special backend for doing so?

Thanks for help,


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